NOBO Electric heaters

NOBO Norwegian electric radiators are ultra-low consumption convectors inspired by the lifestyle and design of Northern Europe, and produced with aluminum and steel from the Scandinavian region.
Thanks to a resistance with the largest exchange surface on the market and an innovative electronic thermostat, NOBO electric radiators uniformly heat the environment where they are installed.
Norwegian electric radiators consist of a large heating surface resistance and an electronic thermostat that manages the lowest consumption on the market.

Technology and design at the service of your comfort

Thanks to the remote management system via the NOBO Energy Control App, it is possible to control Norwegian NOBO electric radiators via smartphone or tablet.
The NOBO Energy Control remote control system is quick and easy to install. All you need is a home or office internet connection, NOBO will take care of the rest!
This remote control system will allow you to significantly reduce the energy consumption of Norwegian electric radiators by up to 25%. Through the individual management of each radiator or that in a group by areas of the house, it is possible to easily manage the temperature, lowering it in the unused rooms, avoiding unnecessary waste, typical of the other heating systems most common to us.

The best solution for trulli, farms, country houses

NOBO is configured as the ideal solution for all those environments where it is difficult to develop a standard system, perhaps because walls and floors are broken even dating back many years.
Precisely to overcome this problem, we thought that a design object that adapts perfectly to any context could be the solution. NOBO, in fact, easily goes unnoticed thanks to its minimal design, the white color that blends in with the walls and thus allows to provide the best solution in those environments where it is difficult both on a practical and aesthetic level, to place a heating body.

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