Civil and industrial electrical systems

Clima Multi System SRL is a company specialized in the civil and industrial electrical systems construction, in compliance with the regulations of the project and certification of the system.
Our projects are made using the best materials from top brands of electrical supplies market. Certified materials aimed at ensuring people’s safety.
Clima multi System can also design your photovoltaic system for your home or your company, saving on bills and also helping to generate clean energy.
We are always available to support you with an assistance and maintenance service on any type of electrical system, ready to intervene thanks to our team of qualified electricians able to detect the problem and solve it.

Alarm and video surveillance systems

We are partners of the most important surveillance companies that turn to us to design alarm systems for civil and commercial use.
Using the best technologies, Clima Multi System is able to create anti-intrusion systems capable of immediately detecting anomalies and thus guaranteeing the full safety of your home or workplace.
We know that technology plays a fundamental role today, therefore we develop video surveillance systems that can always be connected to the network, guaranteeing an easy remote control, but above all easy to install and use: you can check your cams at any time thanks to the most technological devices.

Home and gates automation

The electrical systems designed by Clima Multi System are able to communicate with the surrounding environment. In fact, the home automation systems we provide make your home intelligent according to your wishes: you can decide to automate your doors and gates, connect your heating system or your air conditioners to the wifi network, even your windows and doors or your lighting system. Everything can be interconnected to increase the comfort level of one's life or work.

Contact us to find out more about the products and services made available by Clima Multi System, our team of technicians will be able to develop the right solution for you.